Study House is a private school nestled in the heart of the Garden Route Botanical Garden in George. We provide holistic education from Grade 4 to Grade 12 integrating international curriculums, love based methodologies, the arts and nature.

The dedicated team presents the prescribed curriculum enriched with morals, values and life skills. We include lessons in self-defence, survival skills, permaculture / biodynamic farming, horsemanship, herbalism, food studies and philosophy. Chess, dancing, drama, singing, art and photography adds flavour to our day.

To enhance the learning journey students are encouraged to attend courses in peer councelling, peer education, and first aid.

​Taking care of our beautiful botanical garden, at the foot of the magestic Outeniqua mountains, awakens our social conscience.

Student pledge their time to maintain and develop the gardens, organise fundraising events, guiding school tours and enthusiastically assist the Garden Route Botanical Trust host National Science Week and other events.

Study House is a famiily supported and pioneered by students, parents, teachers and awesome community.​

Our Philosophy

You create your life, and you can recreate it, too. In times of economic downturn and uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to look deep inside yourself to fathom the sort of life you really want to lead and the talents and passions that can make that possible.

Our school motto “Credo Me Mutare Potest” means ” I believe I can change..” So lets change ourselves and our world to make it a better place for all.

Our History

After pioneering and running their own seperate schools, Lesley and Lauren decided to homeschool their children.​

Their children were at public schools and desperately unhappy. The need for quality , creative education in George is so great, that in no time were approached by the community to pioneer a school.​

Study House was born and growing by the day.


Study House prides itself on being part of the community, so when the opportunity arose for us to join in on the Jerusalema Challenge (A song from South Africa and dance steps created in Angola that has since gone viral around) we could not say no to the challenge.

The simple dance routine to the 2019 hit Jerusalema by Master KG and Nomcebo Zikode has provided an uplifting soundtrack for difficult times and now brings hope to the the world amidst the global pandemic.